Support for the Orga-Team

Tasks for Guides and Helpers

During the 5 days of the event no orgateam is able to do all the various jobs on their own.

For your orientation here are the most important tasks for everybody who likes to give us some support.


For every event not taking place in the hotel a guide (m/f) gathers the group in front of the hotel, checks off the participants on the list of participants and takes care that you take off on time for the bus stop, charterbus, train station or the event itself.

Routes and timetables will be provided by the orgateam.

For some events entrance fees, tickets or equipment is needed. The guide will take responsibility for that.

At the event location the guide will check off the participants who arrived on their own and leaves the group with the event organizer.

For now the guide's work is done. They will enjoy the event as well as anybody else since they also paid for it.

The guides are NOT responsible for the behaviour of the participants on the event, the collection of tips or for the way back to the hotel.

If the guide chooses to help a group to get back they are able to but this is NOT a requirement.

The voluntary work of each guide ends with handing over the list of participants to the orgateam at the hotel. If there is left-over money or left-over tickets that were not used for the event then they should hand over those to the orgateam or the register as well. 


Help Desk

At the Help Desk documents for booked events, city maps and conference-IDs will be handed out to the participants who will provide a signature on a receipt.

Your tasks would encompass looking for the documents in the provided boxes, collecting signatures on the receipts and gather them and also giving out goodies and promotional material.

In most cases the Help Desk is needed for first questions of new arrived participants. Participants who cannot be helped should be referred to the orgateam in the conference office.

During the New Year's event the Help Desk normally tranforms to a information and meeting point. After all the documents were handed out it will not be occupied any more and will only be used for providing promotional material.


Access Control

At the main events there will be access control by the orga team.

In exchange for tickets participants will get armbands and/or vouchers.

Especially at those neuralgic points where a lot of people will gather support of helping hands would be greatly appreciated to reduce the line and waiting times.

During the main events the entrance will be staffed to be able to give access to participants arriving later and to monitor that only paying guests take part.

Additional Tasks

Apart from the tasks above there are a lot of small jobs and leg work that you could help the orgateam with. If you are in the area just go by the conference office and offer your help if you have time.

To everyone already providing help for making sure that New Year's will go as planned: a preliminary Thank You for all you have already done!